The next General Club Meeting is on Friday, February 9th, 2018
 50/50 Winners! 
  1. FRIDAY: Jan. 12, 2018
    Cash Winners
    1. Jocelyn Liu 2. Mary Ann Nicholas 3. Jennifer Wu 4. John Trentacosti
  2. FRIDAY: Jan. 12, 2018
    "Name Your Dance Card" Winners
    1. Russell Silverstein 2. Evelyn Khinoo 3. Mary Ann Nicholas 4. Maria Keiser
  3. FRIDAY: Jan. 26, 2018
    Cash Winners
    1. 2. 3.
  4. FRIDAY: Jan. 26, 2018
    "Name Your Dance Card" Winners
    1. 2. 3.

Board of Directors

Get to know your Board of Directors better!

  1. Operations Kathy Martin
    I started dancing in 1993 at Schoeber's Athletic Club along with Carole. We used to work out together and afterwards on Friday nights, the line dance lessons with Vic and Ginny were perfect. At Boots 'n' Buckles, I just love the people. They are so diverse and so interesting. I also love being able to help out where I can.
  2. Merchandising Rosa Chen
    I’ve been dancing for the past 14 years. My interest began with line dancing at the Saratoga Senior Center and would go on to include hula. I volunteer at Cupertino Lei Nani dance group and am a volunteer performer at the nursing home and Alzheimer’s facility. When I am not dancing, I spend my time exercising through walking and hiking.
  3. Decorations Glenn and Carole Wiegand
    This dynamic duo does a super job with creating decorations and the "look" to some of our more decorated theme dances. However, they always look forward to the wonderful members that help transform the dance venues from just four boring walls into fun and exciting places to dance! Thank you for helping!
  4. Webmasters Glenn Wiegand & Rob Lynch
    We're looking for articles to add to the website. If you know of someone or something in the dance world that would be of interest, please contact us and we'll try to add it to the website.
  5. Public Relations Laura Ma
    I started line dancing in February of 2008 at the Country Quicksteppers. After dancing a few months at CQs, I learned about Boots ‘n’ Buckles at Swiss Park also with friendly people and a nice floor. Never knew that line dancing could be this fun and can’t help but keep coming back to BnB despite the commute from San Francisco.
  6. Sergeant at Arms
    Always watchful for disruptive dancing and making sure everyone is having a good time!
  7. President Glenn Wiegand
    I started square, round and folk dancing with my parents in 1972, joined a competitive ballroom dance team in 1978, was teaching western and line dancing in 1980 as owner of the Great Western Dance Company in SLO, dejayed, and choreographed a few dances. Met my wife, Carole, in 2002 at the All Club's line dance in Dublin, CA.
  8. Vice President Rob Lynch
    I did some square dancing with my parents as a kid, then picked it up again in the late 90’s. But eventually the most interesting parts of each square dance night were the line dances that were done while the caller took a break. HongYing and I found BnB in June, 2001 and have been members ever since.
  9. Secretary Mike Hanson
    Though I have a musical background, I didn’t start line dancing until a Milpitas Recreation class in 1996 and have been dancing line and partner ever since. I have choreographed several dances and taught some dance classes (therefore appreciate all the effort required). I’ve line danced from Germany to Canada and love the similarities and differences!
  10. Treasurer Julia Wang
    I had zero dance experience before joining Amy & Friends Line dance class in 2009. Line dancing opened another door in my life. I like attending workshops, events, and taking classes, especially meeting people on the dance floor. I proudly became a DJ for Boots 'n' Buckles Dance Club in 2016. I also enjoy Zumba & U-Jam at the gym.
  11. Hospitality/Goodwill Ambassador HongYing Wang
    I danced with groups of classmates in high school and college in China, but only started again when Rob introduced me to square dancing in 2000. I was not so enthusiastic and so he found a line dance venue - Swiss Park - where we found BnB in June, 2001 and have been happily dancing there ever since.
  12. Membership and Insurance Carole Wiegand
    I started line dancing in 1993 at Schoeber's Athletic Club and then later at the Cowboy Country Club in Pleasanton. I then started going to the Boots 'n' Buckles Club dances at Swiss Park in Newark. I met my husband, Glenn, at an all clubs dance in Dublin and have continued dancing ever since. I still work out as well!

Board of Directors
Pictures from the past and present!

  1. 2004 Board of Directors
    2004 Board of Directors
    Bob, Bonnie, Joanie, Dan, Trish, Lee, Alice, Joanne, Dolores, Dan, Helen
  2. 2017 Board of Directors
    2017 Board of Directors
    Anne, Marcie, Glenn, Rob, HongYing, Mike, Carole, Kathy, Laura, Julia (not shown)
  3. 2018 Board of Directors
    2018 Board of Directors
    Kathy, HongYing, Mike, Carole, Glenn, Rob, Julia, Laura, Rosa
  4. 2006 Board of Directors
    2006 Board of Directors
    Lee, Gary, Carol, Glenn, Kathy, Carole, Jim, Helen, Rob, HongYing, Frances, Leslie