Come Dance With Us!

The Boots ‘n’ Buckles Dance Club is a social country-western and line dance organization based in the San Francisco Bay Area. The general public is invited to come dance with us every Friday night (8pm to 11pm). Our normal dance venue is Centerville Community Center in Fremont, CA. Every 4th Friday we dance at Swiss Park in Newark, CA.

Our Dance Schedule

Optional: Please bring snacks to share.


  • Sep 26  DJ Gary Clayton at Swiss Park

Featured Instructor: Henry Costa

  • Oct 03  DJ Tina Beare at Centerville
  • Oct 10  DJ Gary Clayton at Centerville
  • Oct 17  DJ Diana Ward at Centerville
  • Oct 24  DJ Tina Beare at Swiss Park

          2014 Full Year Schedule as of 9/23/14

Flyers and Forms and Notices
  • Sep 26 - Boots 'n' Buckles - Featured Instructor: Henry Costa, at Swiss Park
  • Oct 24 SnK Holloween Social, 11am - 2:30pm in Cupertino
  • Nov 14 - Boots 'n' Buckles - Featured Instructor: Brenda Shatto, at Centerville
  • Nov 21 - No Boots 'n' Buckles Dance. See you in Las Vegas!
  • Dec 05 - Amy and Friends Christmas Party - Everyone Welcome
  • Dec 12 - Boots 'n' Buckles Christmas Dance at Swiss Park, DJ Gary Clayton
  • Dec 31 - Glitz at the Ritz - Quicksteppers
  • May 14 -17, 2015 - Wild Wild West in Reno - hosted by Amy and Friends

Latest News


30 Years of Awesome!! BnB Celebrates July 25

Posted: June 25, 2014

That's right, we're almost 30 years old. Come help us celebrate our birthday on July 25 at Swiss Park. Evelyn and Denny will be our DJs. More info, and a flyer, to come.


3rd Annual Line Dance Connection at Swiss Park June 27

Posted: June 23, 2014

It's here! We now have the pre-set program (playlist) for the Boots 'n' Buckles 3rd Annual Bay Area Line Dance Connection, June 27! Click on the link below to download it.

Playlist   Flyer

It is a fabulous mix of dances--oldies, long time favorites, newer, and in between. How cool is that. You'll be surprised how many you know.

The gathering of dance clubs from around the Bay and dancing with friends is the main purpose--all happening next Friday! If you have any questions on the program just email me. Our fabulous DJ is none other than Gary Clayton. Doors will open early! Regular dance is 8-11 pm.


Although the Dance clubs are listed in alpha order, the DJ may not start in that order--so we could be surprised. He will, however, play 1 dance from one club, then 1 from another, circling back to the original order, etc. Remember: Dance cards are not valid on June 27.


Evelyn Khinoo


New and Old News

Posted: April 11, 2014, Revised April 13, 2014

As most club member already know, during your birthday month you get one free pass to come to a dance. But now you will also receive a free "Name Your Dance Card" to be used at any dance and at any time. Remember your free dance "Birthday Pass" is only good during the month of your birthday, but the "Name Your Dance Card" can be used anytime.


Please note: If your birthday month has already come and gone, please see me and I will make sure you get your free Name Your Dance Card.


On May 9th we're going to hold a bake sale at the Friday night dance.


Don't forget to mark your calendar for the Third Annual Bay Area Line Dance Connection (flyer). It will be held on Friday evening, June 27 at Swiss Park. Gary Clayton will be our DJ. He'll try to play 3 (or perhaps even 4) favorite dances from each dance club or social dance venue.


And then on July 25 we're going to be celebrating the BnB 30th Birthday Bash at Swiss Park with DJs Evelyn and Denny.


Marcie Walter
Boots 'n' Buckles Dance Club President

Swiss Park

Local Choreographers

Posted: Jan 25, 2014

There has been good number of new dances by local choreographers, among them:

Good-Hearted Woman


Say Something

Forbidden Games
Swiss Park

Carol and Doris - Featured Instructors

Posted: Jan 25, 2014

Carol Clark and Doris Volz will be our featured instructors this coming Friday, January 31, at Swiss Park. That evening will also be the debut of DJ John Trentacosti as DJ for the club, and I'm sure everyone will be delighted to welcome him. As usual, students of our featured instructors are admitted at the discount price of $7, and those attending a club dance for the first time are given a free pass good for another dance. The five dances chosen by Carol, Doris and their students are:

The Thunderer

I Hope You Find It

I Just Can't Let You Go

Good Life

Clap Happy


Swiss Park
Michael and Michele

Christmas Dinner and Party at Swiss Park

Posted: Dec 10, 2013

Boots 'n' Buckles Christmas Dinner/Dance is Friday, Dec. 13 at the Swiss Park Dance Hall in Newark, CA. We have 75 signed up for the dinner part of the evening! Drop-ins are welcome to the dance, which starts at about 8pm.


It's also Instructor/Student night with Michele Burton and Michael Barr as the featured instructors. The 5 favorite dances picked by Michael, Michele and their students (which will for sure be played that night) are:


  • Hot Tamales, Neil Hale
  • Love Repeats, Michele Burton
  • Rockin' The Wagon Wheel, Jamie Marshall
  • Doors of Life, Michael Barr
  • American Pop, Michele Burton

The teach (starting around 8:20-8:30 pm or so-whenever dinner is done) will be: Light In the Winter by Michele Burton, Michael Barr & Jo Thompson Szymanski.



DJs for the evening will be Evelyn & Denny. Cocktails for the dinner portion will start at 6:30 pm (doors will open around 6:00 pm). Regular dance in the evening will start right after the teach probably around 8:40 or 8:45 pm--ish. Goes 'til 11:30 pm that night. Wow! What a night we are going to have! Too much fun, fun, fun.


See you there! Evelyn Khinoo


Update: Registration is open for the 2014 Boogie Event, to be held in Corning on March 22. You can now register online. 'Cow'abunga, Dude!

Joey Warren

Joey Warren in the Bay Area

Posted: Dec 10, 2013

World renowned choreographer and instructor Joey Warren will be visiting the Bay Area in late January and early February. He is known for popular dances that include Descarada, Cold Blooded Lover, Talkin to the Moon, These Castle Walls, Stuck (with Rachel McEnaney) and many others. More information is available on Joey's website,


On Tuesday, January 21 he'll be a guest instructor at Evelyn's dance class in Palo Alto. And On Wednesday and Thursday he will be teaching at Amy and Friends morning classes at the Fremont Ballroom. He'll be the featured instructor at Amy's Chinese New Year Party on Friday, December 24. And on Saturday, February 1 he will appear at the Line Dance Charity Workshop and Chinese New Year Social hosted by SK Line Dance and Keep on Dancin'.


Below, a demo video of Joey's dance Twisted DJ; below that, an interview with him from LineDancer magazine:




Swiss Park

New Board for a New Year

Posted: Dec 10, 2013

Congratulations to:


  • Dolores Meeks
  • Martie Hovancik
  • Jean Ahern

on becoming Boots ‘n’ Buckles 2014 Board members!  Thanks for your willingness to serve on the Board.


Many, many, many thanks to the returning Board members and for their willingness to serve yet another year:


  • Rob Lynch
  • Kathy Martin
  • Lisa McGuire
  • Frank Navarro
  • Marcie Walter

We are still soliciting for more board members for 2014. Once the new Board takes over, and at their discretion, they may appoint new members!  Just 2 more would really help a lot.



Volunteers Needed

Elections for the 2014 BnB Board

Posted: Oct 21, 2013

Hello everyone: Please take this message seriously.


Boots ‘n’ Buckles Board nominations for 2014 are upon us.  The club will hit its 29th birthday in June 2014.  BUT, in order for us to hit that birthday we need Board members for 2014 or the club will not exist.  We were lucky for 2013 because several Board members from 2012 volunteered to be nominated and serve another term, AND we got 4 new Board members for 2013!  Fabulous.


However, at the current time fewer than half of the 2013 Board members have indicated for sure that they are willing to serve another term for 2014.  So, we are asking you to step up to the plate and take your turn on the Board to make sure BnB continues.  It’s not difficult to serve on the Board and can be a lot of fun.  The maximum number of Board members the club is allowed to have is 12.  Minimum is 6.  However, 6 is a very low number to operate efficiently.  This year the total Board membership was 9. 


The nomination and election schedule (folks must be present to nominate and vote) is below:

Oct. 25:  Nominations begin

(there will be a nominations box at the dance)—volunteer and nominate yourself!  Also, please make sure that other folks you nominate agree to serve.
Nov. 01:  Nominations continue
Nov. 08:  Last day to nominate
Nov. 15:  First day to vote (must be a BnB member)
Nov. 22:  NO DANCE
Nov. 29:  Last day to vote
Dec. 6 or Dec. 13:  New Board announced


Bottom line:   Volunteer and nominate yourself for the BnB Board 2014!


If you have any questions, please contact me.  Thanks.


Evelyn Khinoo

Halloween at Swiss Park

Halloween Dance and Bake Sale at Swiss Park

Posted: Sep 28, 2013

Join us on October 25 for a Halloween Party and Bake Sale at Swiss Park. Costumes are encouraged, as are donations of baked goodies. There will be prizes for the best costumes (most scary, most funny, best couple, etc). Buy a raffle ticket, and you may win a delicious treat! Evelyn and Denny will be our ghoulish DJs for the evening.


Tickets are being sold for the Boots 'n' Buckles Christmas Dinner at Swiss Park on December 13 (flyer). The dinner will be held, if enough tickets are sold; otherwise, we'll enjoy a Christmas dance party that evening.

Cathy and Claudio

Featured Instructor: Cathy Dacumos

Posted: Sep 25, 2013

The next Boots 'n' Buckles Instructor/Student night is this Friday, Sept. 27 and will be held at the Swiss Park Dance Hall, Newark, CA! The featured instructor will be Cathy Dacumos. We are expecting a great crowd, so be sure to come out and support the event. The 5 favorites chosen by her group which will be played during the evening are:


  • A Liquid Lunch (F. Sittrop)
  • 50 Ways (P. Stott)
  • Happy Dance (J. Wyllie)
  • Pontoon (G. Smith)
  • Caballero (I. Weisburd)

Cathy will also teach a dance from 7:30-8:00 pm called I Love It by Michael Diven. The regular dance is 8:00-11 pm, and our DJ for the evening will be Millie Dusha.


Cathy teaches on Mondays and Thursdays in San Carlos and Redwood City:


Monday Mornings
Veterans Memorial Senior Center
1455 Madison, Redwood City
High Beginners: 9am to 10:15am
Easy Intermediate: 10:15 to 11:30am
(no class 10/21, 11/11 and 11/25)

Thursday Afternoons

San Carlos Adult Community Center
601 Chestnut Street, San Carlos
Beginners: 1:30 to 2:45pm
Intermediate: 2:45 to 4pm
(no class 10/17, 11/21 and 11/28)

Thursday Evenings
Community Activities Building
1400 Roosevelt Ave, Redwood City
Basic Beginner: 7 to 8pm
High Beginner/Easy Intermediate: 8 to 9pm
(no class 10/17, 11/21 and 11/28)


Evelyn Khinoo

Time to renew your membership

Membership Renewal

Posted: Aug 6, 2013

The Boots ‘n’ Buckles membership renewal drive is on! The deadline to renew is August 31, 2013. The new year starts Sept. 1, 2013. Please feel free to send your renewal form in the mail (address on form), or bring it with you to a Friday night dance. Membership allows you an entry discount to the regular Friday dances, AND you get in free on one Friday night during your birthday month! Plus, the membership drive is a fund raiser for the club.


Please remember that your current membership expires August 31, 2013.


Evelyn Khinoo

Bay Area Wild Wild West Event

No Dance on August 30

Posted: Aug 5, 2013

See you at the Bay Area Wild Wild West Event hosted by Amy and Friends.

Watermelon Feast

Watermelon Feed - Aug 9 at Centerville

Posted: Aug 5, 2013

Join us, August 9 at Centerville Community Center for a watermelon feed. Tina Beare will be our DJ.

Featured Instructor – Charlotte Skeeters – May 24 at Swiss Park

Featured Instructor: Jeanette Feinberg, July 26 at Swiss Park

Posted: July 4, 2013

Join us on July 26 at Swiss Park for an evening of fun with Jeanette Feinberg as our featured instructor. Jeanette is well known to dancers throughout the Bay Area for her classes in San Bruno and Daly City, and her work on the board at the Country Quicksteppers. We hope to organize a quick lesson that evening, starting at about 7:30pm. Jeanette's students will be given a discounted admission rate of $5.


Jeanette's regular teaching schedule is shown below:


Monday Mornings
SSF Senior Ctr -33 Arroyo, So San Francisco
Beginner class 10:30-11:30 AM

Monday Evenings
432 Westlake Center Daly City
Beginner-7:00 to 8:00 pm
Intermediate-8:00 to 9:00 pm

Wednesday Mornings
San Bruno Senior Center- 1555 Crystal Springs Rd
Class 9 to 10 am

Wednesday Afternoons
Larcome Hall, 99 Lake Merced Blvd. Daly City
Beginner Class 1:15-2:30 PM

Cathy Dacumos will be our featured instructor on Sept. 27 at Swiss Park. And Michael Barr and Michelle Burton will join us December 13 at Centerville (not December 6 as previously reported).

Featured Instructor – Charlotte Skeeters – May 24 at Swiss Park

Line Dance Connection – June 28 at Swiss Park

Posted: June 24, 2013

Update July 4 A wonderful evening. Swiss Park was filled to the gills with 140 dancers. Our thanks to all who attended.


It's almost here! Boots 'n' Buckles 2nd Annual Bay Area Line Dance Connection--June 28 at Swiss Park in Newark! It starts at 8pm, but we expect some dancers to come as early as 7:30pm. Admission is $8.00 for BnB members; $10.00 non-members.


You won't want to miss it. Dance groups (clubs, socials) from around the Bay Area (and then some) will be coming, and they have been sending in their 3 favorites from their dance venues.  At this point, we have received dance requests from 13 clubs. So there are 39 dances we have assembled into a playlist. Our DJ will be none other than The DJ Duke, Gary Clayton.


Please feel free to bring some light finger food! Hope to see you all there!


Evelyn Khinoo

Our Dance Locations

Centerville Community Center
3355 Country Dr. Fremont, CA

Swiss Park (4th Fridays)
5911 Mowry Ave, Newark, CA